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Well Rounded Home

Designed for Roaring Heights, this 40 x 30 two-bedroom bungalow features rounded corner windows everywhere.

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Even the back of the garage includes prominent curved corner windows. The rounded pool has a small waterfall in which your sims can frolic, while a rooftop patio overlooks the pool as well as the garden currently occupied by a rusty car needing some TLC.

In the overview below, there's a dining area in the bottom-left corner with the kitchen above it. Continuing towards the back is a large bathroom and a hobby room stocked with a few skill items that can be swapped out as desired. The master bedroom is in the upper-right, followed by the second bedroom below it and the living room.

There's lots of glass in the dining area. Shy sims may feel like they're eating in a fish bowl.

The kitchen includes a wood fired oven from Monte Vista (mmmm, fresh calzone) and a professional bar sims can use to improve their mixology skill. The walls are rather bare, awaiting your favorite paintings or prints.

The living room is also framed by a couple of curved corner windows. I had to use MoveObjects to place the plants in there. A couple of spots can be used to display sims' personal mementos or trophies.

Yet another curved window provides a view of the backyard from the master bedroom.

The garage includes a number of items from the Fast Lane stuff pack. If you don't have it, the place will seem a little empty.

If you would like to add this bungalow to your world, feel free to download it below.


  • Built on a 40 wide by 30 deep lot.
  • There's no CC, but requires most EP's except Supernatural, plus many Stuff Packs.
  • Requires the Roaring Heights store world.
  • The Monte Vista store world provides the wood fired oven.
  • The Outdoor Life SP supplies some lighting and chairs, plus the hot tub.
  • Hobby items come from the Ambitions EP.
  • Requires the Island Paradise EP for its pool slide and waterfall.
  • The Fast Lane SP provides the automotive tools and items.
  • Works with patch 1.63.


  • Download here (1.96 MB)
  • Unzip the file and place it in your game's Library folder.
  • While in Edit Town mode, select a 40 x 30 lot and ensure it's the Residential type.
  • Under the Show Empty Houses tab, select the Well Rounded House and place it on your lot.



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