Graphical XTC - Sims 3 Mods

I've made some other mods for The Sims 3, even some not exactly naughty type tweaks to get rid of things I find annoying in the game. For example:

  • Reducing most of the negative effects in Romantic Reputation
  • Keeping pets from waking up your sleeping sims
  • Force sims to always make the bed, even without the Neat trait
  • A much-shortened Strut of Pride
  • Editing some text in STBL's to be more 'adult'

When I get a chance, I'll try to make some of the others available for download. But at the moment, version 2 of my sex interactions is taking up all my available modding time.

Graphical XTC Cheats
I've also put together some 'cheats' that I find useful when creating sims used for testing my mods. These include:

  • Adding a basic set of Lifetime Rewards:
    • Steel Bladder
    • Dirt Defiant
    • Hardly Hungry
    • No Jealousy
    • Inappropriate But In A Good Way
  • Adding an extended set of Lifetime Rewards (tons of stuff, you'll see a list when using the command)
  • Changing University Life's bonus social group trait
  • Changing University Life's bonus graduation trait
  • Measuring the distance between sims (useful for setting up animations)

You can download my cheats mod from here (21 KB)

Just unzip the file and put the GraphicalXTC-Cheats.package in your game's Mods/Packages folder.

To use the cheats, click on your active sim and look under "GraphicalXTC..." for the "Cheats..." submenu.

You can add the Lifetime Rewards to other sims too.





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