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Updated to version 3.10 on 2014-May-09.   Please see update notes at the end of this page.

What does your sim dream of?

Now your randy little sims can fantasize about sex, perhaps relaxing on a bed or couch and daydreaming about new sex interactions. Or after flirting with a hot sim, they can daydream of a variety of sex positions complete with new custom animations.

It's pixel porn for your frisky sims!

Each sex interaction includes some foreplay before doing the deed. Sims get the game's "Incredible Time!" moodlet, a boost to their fun motive, and an increase in their relationship with their partner. There's no jealousy or romantic reputation side effects, just good old hedonistic delight.

Sims can daydream about missionary, doggy, or cowgirl sex on a couch or loveseat. Here's a sample of the cowgirl sex interaction:

Click here for a video preview. (12 MB)

Or they can daydream about enjoying those sex positions on a double bed. Here's the doggy sex interaction:

Click here for a video preview. (12.3 MB)

Or they can even get busy in the great outdoors with that certain special sim.

Click here for a video preview. (19.4 MB)

All custom interactions are selected using the "Graphical XTC..." pie menu.

As you can see, not only can sims daydream about sex, they can get pregnant too!

The Try For Baby interactions have a 75% chance of success, the same as the game's normal bed interaction, while Risky Sex has a 10% chance of success, the same as Twallan's Woohooer mod. The game's normal pregnant scoring is used, so those base chances may be modified by a sim's traits or lifetime wish etc. If it works, you'll hear those special chimes!

All interactions are only user-directed, not autonomous, so sims around town won't suddenly start humping everyone in sight. Also included are immediate commands to instantly change a sim into their nude outfit or sleepwear, similar to CmarNYC's Get Naked mod.

Your sim may experience bright flashes and momentary disorientation. After all, it's a daydream, right? Other side effects may include uncontrollable lust and eventual drowsiness.

  • This mod requires at least patch level 1.42.
  • It has been tested with patch 1.50, 1.55, 1.57, 1.63, 1.66, and 1.67. All work fine.
  • Designed to work with Base1980's / CrammyBoy's penis accessory. May work with others, e.g. CmarNYC's morphing penis, it depends primarily on the penis angle.

  • If you're using my old "XTC" mod, remove the "XTC-SexInteractions.package" from your game's Mods/Packages folder. (Make sure no sim in your save game is in the middle of an XTC interaction. Let them finish, then save your game before removing the old mod.)
  • Download the mod here (3.2 MB)
  • If you're wary of downloading random files from the internet, and I don't blame you one bit for that, my mod is also available at the Sexy Sims 2 site.
  • Unzip the file and place the "GraphicalXTC-SexualDaydreams.package" in your game's mods/packages folder.

If you have never used mods for The Sim 3 before, go over to the Mod The Sims site and follow the steps in this guide or this more detailed guide to set up your game properly.

Additional Suggested Mods
If you haven't used any naughty Sims 3 mods before, here are a few other things you may want to add:

Like other script mods which add interactions, you must make sure none of your saved games have sims in the middle of an interaction before removing the mod. Let the randy little folks finish their fun first, then save the game. After that, simply remove the "GraphicalXTC-SexualDaydreams.package" from your game's mods/packages folder.

How To Use

Sex on a bed:

  • Click on an empty bed and select "Graphical XTC / Daydream About Sex On Bed" to send your sim to the bed.
  • Once they're daydreaming, have them click on another sim and select "Graphical XTC / Daydream About Missionary Sex With [name]", or choose the doggy or cowgirl sex positions.
  • The other sim will come to bed and join the fun. Or do they??? It's a daydream...
  • After the daydream is over, your sim can choose another sim or another sex position.
  • Once your sim has had their fill, cancel the daydreaming and they'll get out of bed.

Sex on a couch or loveseat:

  • Same process as the bed above.
  • Click an empty couch & select "Graphical XTC / Daydream About Sex On Couch".
  • Once daydreaming, click on another sim and select a sex position.
  • After the daydream, select another sim or position.
  • Cancel daydreaming to stand up.

Sex on the ground or floor:

  • Have your sim flirt or kiss with another sim (any standing social).
  • Click on the other sim and select "Graphical XTC / Daydream About Missionary Sex With ", or choose doggy or cowgirl sex instead.
  • Just before the daydream is over, you can click the other sim and select another sex position and it will be played next.
  • If you let the daydream finish, have your sim flirt with the other one again, then choose a different sex position.

Note that the animations are designed to work with moderately slender sims. Some clipping may occur when used with larger than average ones. I've tried to position their hands to leave a little room without it being too obvious. Some clipping may also occur with certain couches. They're not all the same size and shape.

If your active sim clicks on themselves, you can set several options:
  • Allow or forbid teens from using sexual daydreams (default = allow)
  • Allow or forbid incest between family members (default = forbid)
  • Automatically switch to nude outfit before sex (default = don't auto-switch)
  • Allow or forbid same-sex pregnancy (default = no same-sex pregnancy)

Have your active sim click on "GraphicalXTC... / Options..." to bring up the submenu.

The currently-selected option is greyed-out. For example, in the shot below, the option to allow teens to use sexual daydreams is the currently-selected one. To switch to the other option, click on it.

If you want your sims to automatically switch into their nude outfit before having sex, click the option shown below. By default, they will not change from whatever they are wearing at the moment.

Your options are saved separately for each game. When you start a new town, remember to set them the way you want for that game. Note that the text labels for options have not been translated into all languages yet.

Tuning Resource
This mod includes an XML tuning resource which controls how certain features work. If you are comfortable editing tuning files, you can change:

  • Percentage chance for pregnancy during Risky Sex interactions.
  • Percentage chance for pregnancy during Try For Baby interactions.
  • If there's a 'flash' during animation transitions.

Needless to say, you should make backups before attempting any editing! If you muck around with the XML resource and break the mod, I won't be a rush to help you fix it. ;-)
But here's a brief description of the process:

  • Open the package file with S3PE.
  • Scroll down to the "GraphicalXTC.SexualDaydreams.Core" XML resource.
  • Right-click on it and select 'Notepad' at the bottom of the context menu.
  • Edit the values, e.g. for kRiskySexPregnancyChance value="10" perhaps change it to kRiskySexPregnancyChance value="30" so sims are more likely to become pregnant.
  • Close Notepad, saving changes, then commit changes in S3PE.
  • Close S3PE, saving changes.

Mod Doesn't Work At All?
If you're having problems, first please double-check the Compatibility and Installation sections above. Next, re-read the How To Use instructions.

As of this writing, there have been almost 750,000 downloads of my mods from the Sexy Sims 2 site and here, and all but a handful have worked fine. Those that did have problems usually were not patched to 1.42 or above, or were still using the ancient (obsolete) mod framework, or did not follow the instructions completely.

There are some occasional minor glitches you might come across (see list below) but nothing that stops the mod from working completely. If you're still having a problem that's not on that list, have a look in my mod's thread at Sexy Sims 2 and post a message there.

Known Issues
  • Occasionally sims do not display their facial expressions. This also affects oral sex, since a sim's mouth may not open properly or tongue may not extend.
  • Occasionally sims' breasts do not bounce correctly. I've even had the bouncing stop in mid-animation. Odd.
  • Routing failure. If you load a game, use an interaction, then immediately load another saved game and try to use the same interaction, the target sim may occasionally fail to route to the bed or couch.
  • Couch missionary position -- near end of the action the female "flips" for a split-second within a clip. It looks fine in Blender, no quick rotations or anything, but flips in-game.
  • While you are in Edit Town mode, if a custom house from the game's Library is placed in a world the beds and couches inside will not have the GraphicalXTC... menu. Save the game, then reload it and the interactions will appear.
  • Teen positions may be off slightly. Animations are initally created for young adults, then the teen versions are adapted to compensate for their smaller size. This may lead to occasional minor glitches, e.g. the teens' feet often do not quite reach the floor when seated on the couch. Where a compromise was necessary, I have made sure the important bits line up at the expense of other things.
  • Daydreaming about sex will not work on a modular-style couch, the type where you can add as many sections as you want in whatever configuration is desired. The Graphical XTC menu will not appear on those couches.

Want To Make Your Own?
It's my hope that this mod will tempt other, more talented animators, to make even better interactions. Feel free to rip apart my mod to see how it works. It's not a simple project, but if I can do it, so can others. Listed below are the resources I used to create the mod. Dig in and enjoy experimenting!

Thanks to Spaceman, who answered many questions while I was making the switch from Milkshape to Blender.

Thanks for translations to egureh (Chinese(China) and Chinese(Taiwan)), Mankindvm2 (Czech), chewie210 (Danish), Nicom75 (French), Guhrasoh, linefy, and Nepomukl (German), Libertyvision (Italian), mekkamann (Norwegian), Kark1988 (Polish), antonouza (Portuguese(Brazil)), vladok (Russian), coto39 (Spanish(Mexico) and Spanish(Spain)), little bee (Thai), and a mysterious stranger (Korean).

So many members of the Sims community have freely provided amazing tools, mods, and tutorials. Here are the main ones that made this mod possible.

Enjoy, and spread the word that you do not have to pay for Sims3 pixel porn, it's available for free right here, and there's lots more free stuff at Sexy Sims 2. You'll also find some more sex interactions at the Hall of Torque forum, where Kicker has created the Animated Woohoo mod to play sex animations by Whosthewhat and many other animators.


2013-July-20, Version 2.01:

  • Sexual daydream interactions now fulfill sims' wishes to "Woohoo with [name]".
  • This is done by firing WoohooEvents. At any given time, your game may have other code "listening" for these events, so the interactions may fulfill those conditions as well. For example, the lifetime wish to woohoo with 5 sims in 5 locations.

2013-July-25, Version 2.02:

  • You can now set mod options for teens, incest, and automatic changing into nude outfit before sex. Refer to the "Options" section above for details.
  • Note that the text for options has not been translated into all languages yet.
  • Fixed WoohooEvent bug for sims having sex on the floor.

2013-July-29, Version 2.03:

  • Added full translations for Chinese(China) and Chinese(Taiwan). Thanks egureh!
  • Updated translations of Italian and Russian to include the "Options". Thanks Libertyvision and vladok!

2013-July-31, Version 2.04:

  • Updated translations for Chinese(China) and Chinese(Taiwan). Thanks egureh!
  • Updated translation for Russian. Thanks vladok!
  • Updated translations of Portuguese(Brazil), Spanish(Mexico), Spanish(Spain), and Thai to include the "Options". Thanks antonouza, coto39, and little bee!

2013-August-02, Version 2.05:

  • Updated Polish translation to include the "Options". Thanks Kark1988!

2013-August-12, Version 3.00:

  • Now includes pregnancy options Risky Sex and Try For Baby.
  • Added an option to allow same-sex pregnancy.
  • Note that the text for new interactions has not been translated into all languages yet, only English, Italian, Russian, and Thai so far. Thanks to Liberyvision, vladok, and little bee for translations!

2013-August-14, Version 3.01:

  • Added translations of the new Options into Chinese(China), Chinese(Taiwan), German, Portuguese(Brazil), and Norwegian. Thanks to egureh, Nepomukl, Antonouza, and mekkamann!

2013-August-17, Version 3.02:

  • Added translations of the new Options for Spanish(Mexico) and Spanish(Spain). Thanks coto39!

2013-August-22, Version 3.03:

  • Fixed a bug where the mod was interfering with the normal menu on modular couches, the ones where you can add as many pieces as you want. Note that the Graphical XTC interactions will not appear on that style of couch.

2013-August-25, Version 3.04:

  • Added translations of the mod's Options into Czech. Thanks Mankindvm2!

2013-August-29, Version 3.05:

  • Added Danish translation. Thanks chewie210!
  • Fixed two typos in the German translation. Thanks Nepomukl!

2013-September-08, Version 3.06:

  • Added Polish translation of the new Options. Thanks Kark1988!

2013-October-17, Version 3.07:

  • Fixed rare bug where sims auto-changing into their nude outfit before sex would not use the correct outfit.

2013-October-27, Version 3.08:

  • Fixed bug which prevented GraphicalXTC Options from being saved properly.

2013-December-06, Version 3.09:

  • For male/male same-sex couples, the target sim is now the one which will become pregnant when using Risky Sex or Try For Baby interactions.
  • Added tuning file entries to specify the chance of pregnancy for Risky Sex and Try For Baby interactions. If you want to change the default values, see the Tuning Resource section above for details.

2014-May-09, Version 3.10:

  • Updated the Chinese translations. Thanks Egureh!
  • To update, simply download the mod again, unzip the file and place the "GraphicalXTC-SexualDaydreams.package" in your game's mods/packages folder, allowing it to over-write the old version.

Want More?
Looking for more sex interactions for your restless sims? Over on the Hall of Torque forum, Kicker has created interactions to play the many, many sex animations made by Whosthewhat plus several other animators. Check them out!




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